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Bachata dancing at Red Hat Salsa


Bachata for Beginners....

Let us know if you're interested in Bachata and we'll inform you of future Bachata events (with an occasional email)

 What is Bachata?

Bachata is another latin dance, which is very accessible if you are learning Salsa, as the Bachata Basic Step is the same as the 'Side to Side' step in Salsa, and Bachata is danced more simply than Salsa, with fewer moves. So you can easily pick up a few of the basics in a single workshop, and you are ready to go, and can enjoy dancing Bachata when we play it in the post-class dancing on our regular Salsa nights etc. Bachata music is slower than Salsa, which makes it easy to learn, and gives variety.

We have an event for all levels coming up shortly...

Bachata Workshops with Nicolai V & Freddie Garland
in Reading on Sunday 29th November 15

Two BACHATA workshops in one afternoon - something for all levels

Workshop 1:
Beginners /Improvers     1:00pm - 3:30pm

- Learn and practice the basics of this beautiful dance from the Dominican Republic.

- We'll look at the following: Basic timing, footwork, styling and partner work.

Workshop 2:
Improvers /Intermediates    3.30pm - 6pm

- Learn a fusion of Bachata moderna and Dominican.

- We'll look at different types of styling, footwork, partner work, and advanced leading and following techniques.

Advance Tickets 

Available from classes, our office in East Reading (ring to arrange) or from this website. If you buy from this website, a small PayPal fee will be added to the costs shown below.

Tickets in advance available until midnight on 28/11/15


Prices per 2 1/2 hour workshop:

(i.e. 1:00-3:30pm OR 3:30-6:00pm)

One workshop for one person
£14 in advance
£17 on the door

£24 couples in advance
£29 couples on the door

Price for both workshops

£24 in advance
£29 on the door

£44 couples in advance
£54 couples on the door

For ADVANCE BOOKING please click on this link 

The idea of having a price for couples is to encourage a good ratio of men:women in the class i.e. we will swap partners as usual during the class - and we won't be checking to see if you have a marriage certificate!

Rivermead Leisure Centre
Richfield Ave