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For details ring any time: 01189 668292
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You can claim discounts if you follow some simple steps outlined below.   These offers applies to individuals (but not groups) coming to any of our regular weekly Reading Salsa classes.

1) 1st Absolute Beginners class half-price

(nb does not apply to Beginner class in Newbury or Wokingham or 3rd Saturday Party Nights)

2) Our email Newsletter + Confidential Treatment of your email address 

To claim these offers just follow the simple steps outlined below:

 1) To get your 1st Absolute Beginners Class Half-price:

BEFORE coming to the class, write on a piece of paper:
'Half-price Offer', your name, e-mail address (very clearly in capitals!) and your phone number. Then bring this paper with you when to come to the class.
N.B. It is important to write the information down  very clearly - and to do it BEFORE coming to the class - or you may not be able to claim a discount.

Just give this paper to our door person when you arrive for your first class. They will then charge you only half-price. There is no need to say anything to get this reduction. (NB this reduction is not available  to groups or for the classes in Newbury or Wokingham or 3rd Saturday Party Nights)

2) Our Email Newsletter

Once you have given us your email address as a resut of one of the offers mentioned above, we will start to send you our email newsletters telling you all the latest news. If you do not wish to receive these (we send one usually every other week) then please write this down also, with your email address.

You can of course, stop getting the newsletters at any point, and, rest assured, we would never dream of giving your details to anyone else!

Any Questions? Please Contact us any time

on 0118 9668292 - Ring us ANY day ANY time!

We are always keen to help in any way we can.

NB: These offers apply to our Reading weekly classes  EXCEPT Party Nights on Saturdays.

The 1st class half-price offer does not apply to groups.