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For details ring any time: 01189 668292
or E-mail:

Sunday 6 levels of Salsa Classes - Reading, Berks   upstairs at
ISLAND Bar & Restaurant
Pipers Island
Caversham Bridge
Reading    RG4 8AH

The steps down to the island are in the middle of Caversham bridge.
See below for parking information.

This superb venue provides plenty of space to dance, whilst admiring the stunning views over the river Thames from the three walls which are composed entirely of glass!

These massive walls/doors can be opened along the entire front of the building.  This allows for as much natural air-conditioning inside the building as is required, provides a very light airy and spacious atmosphere - and gives access to a balcony along the front of the building - a great place to chat and relax, whilst enjoying the river views.

This inspiring venue will really lift your spirits and add an extra zing to your dancing!

Classes: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Dancing: 9:30 pm - midnight

8 (5 full-time students & concessions) for one Salsa class + dancing afterwards.
Pay only 4 (3 full-time students & concessions) extra for a second class (on the same night)

Entry fee to the club only:
NON-CLASS MEMBERS: 4 (2 full-time students & concessions)
Free to class participants

Age Restriction:
Licensing Laws require that people are age 18 or over to come into Island Bar.  So they may check the age of anyone who could be under 25.  All bars in Reading are being encouraged now to check the ID of anyone looking under 40, so we recommend that (unless you are sure you look your age) you bring an I.D. with you.

Parking information:

* Promenade car park (beside the Thames and behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel car park, RG1 8BD) is Free - 2 mins walk away - closes at 11.30pm.  N.B. Do not use the Crowne Plaza car park as this is for Hotel Residents only. Promenade car park is behind the Hotel car park.

* Waitrose car park, 51 Church Street, Caversham, RG4 8AY, (Free Sun eve - available whenever Waitrose closed - 3 mins walk)  Park in Waitrose car park, then (with Waitrose at your back) head right and walk past the Boat club along Abbotsmead Place.  Then take a footpath to the left to join Promenade Road.  Head right about 30 metres to join Caversham Road and left takes you onto Caversham Bridge.  The steps down to The Island Bar are at the middle of the bridge.

* Plus on-street parking available in some areas around the venue eg parts of Caversham Road (Please check if there are restrictions before parking).

For further information on where to park please do ring 0118 9668292 anytime or talk to us at classes.

N.B. Cars are parked at the owners responsibility.
Red Hat Salsa or Island Bar cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage.

Tapas Special Deal for Salsa Dancers
5 tapas for 10.00 - plenty for 1 or sufficient for 2 people!

The Island Bar tapas offer is being extended to until 9:30pm on Sunday evenings especially for Red Hat Salsa dancers.  The restaurant is also launching a new expanded tapas menu in the next few weeks.  So why not enjoy some home-cooked tapas before the class?

Cocktail Special Deal for Salsa Dancers
The Island Bar do some special cocktails with a Latin flavour for Salsa dancers - at a reduced price of 6 (usually 7).

For Free & Reduced Price Classes please visit our Special Offers page

Visit our FAQ page for more about classes and help with learning

Type & level Class Time Teacher Info

Salsa Class

Level 1


Salsa Class

Level 2


Absolute Beginners

(first level)



(second level)







Absolute Beginners

A Salsa class for people who have never done ANY Salsa dancing previously.



A class to really get comfortable with the basic steps and moving between them - and to be introduced to turning.


Salsa Class

Level 3












Don't move to this class until you feel REALLY comfortable dancing the basic steps. For most people this means spending AT LEAST 1 month in Levels 1 & 2. In general, the longer you spend learning the basics, the better dancer you will be.


Salsa Class
Level 4

Salsa Class
Level 5







Level 4 (Improvers-2)   Marco
Level 5 (Intermediate)   Val


Don't move to this class until you feel really comfortable with the footwork and (for guys) the leading of all the basic steps, turns and moves (for a list of these see Information Sheet no 3 - available at all classes). For most people this takes at least 3 months.

Salsa Class

Top Level



Alternating teachers:
Dean David G & Rebecca
Ian Worrell
Ant Lee


Salsa Club

All Welcome

from 9:30pm, continues 'til 0:00am


There is a bar extension and Salsa dancing on a VERY large, wooden dance floor.

FREE ENTRY to Salsa club night for class members