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Let's Learn Salsa!

Coming to your first Salsa dance class:

Never danced before? Nervous about coming to a dance class for the first time? Worried about coming on your own?

Don't worry...

Relax and come along to our classes. We put a lot of care and attention into making the classes fun, easy and friendly for you.

We run a class especially for you - the Absolute Beginners' Salsa dance class - in which we introduce you to Salsa dancing.

You may be feeling a little nervous or unsure what to expect - don't worry! The emphasis will always be on enjoying the salsa dancing, helping each other and learning at your own pace. You are not expected to do everything perfectly. In fact, the more you relax, enjoy yourself, and let yourself go wrong, the easier you will learn - and the more fun you will have. Don't try too hard!

Although you may feel at times like you have two left feet or you can't work out which is your left or right, hang on in there and it WILL come together! Focus on your achievements (however small they may feel to you) rather than on the things you can't yet do. Don't expect to learn everything in each class - focus on a few things and leave the rest for another time. It's not a race, take things at your own pace.

Salsa dancing is a skill which can be learnt, like riding a bicycle or swimming. It takes practice at first but once you've learnt, it seems easy and you never forget it.

We encourage all our students to talk to us whenever they have any questions, problems, etc when learning salsa dancing. Please feel free to speak to us at any Salsa dance class, or to ring (0118 9668292) or e-mail ( We are always keen to hear from you.

There is a world of Salsa music to listen to, bands to see and clubs for Salsa dancing. It is our pleasure to help introduce you to this new culture. We are sure that you will soon be addicted Salseros and Salseras!

We wish you much fun Salsa dancing and hope that you have a great time at your first Salsa dance class!

Sharon & Ed